April 24th, 2016

Special Promotion Extended Through June 1st


We want to take this opportunity to inform you all that given the wonderful response that our special promotion of three additional nights in St. John’s at no extra cost is having, we will make an extra effort and extend our special promotion until June 1st of this year.

We hope that this will provide the final bit of encouragement to the many, many of you who have expressed interest in registering for this unique trip. This is the time.

After June 1st the extension in St. John’s will be offered but for a fee. We encourage everybody to sign up and take advantage of this offer as we approach being a year out from the expedition and when our shipping partners need us to meet our goals.  We remind everyone who is interested to email us here or fill out our registration form here and send it to us.


Our Special Promotion

Our special promotion includes an additional three night stay in city of St. John’s. This stay will coincide with St. John’s Day and St. John’s Day Eve both important dates in Newfoundland and The Basque Country. There will be included: assistance to and from the airport, a tour of the city, optional programs, and immersion into the celebration of The St. John’s Days festivities which we will give a distinctive Basque flair to.

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