August 29th, 2016

Our Expedition is confirmed!

Our Expedition “In the Footsteps of Basque Whalers in Newfoundland and Labrador” is confirmed!

Good afternoon friends and collaborators. It is with great joy that we announce today that our expedition “In the Footsteps of Basque Whalers in Newfoundland and Labrador” – the first ever cultural expedition to celebrate the Basque legacy in Atlantic Canada- has been confirmed and will set sail on June 15th of next year 2017.
As many of you know, we have been working towards building this first of its kind trip highlighting 16th century Basque culture on the eastern coast of Canada for two years now. Throughout these two years our team has thrown itself into historical research, negotiation with our collaborators, dialogue with experts and authorities, presentations and promotion of our project to the public, and more. After these two years it is truly exciting to be able to say that our expedition is confirmed and guaranteed, and that on June 15th 2017 it will set sail for Newfoundland and Labrador.


This will mark the opening of the first cultural route and touristic venture ever built around the legacy and vestiges of the Basque fishermen and whalers who built large first scale industry on, and were among the first Europeans to reach the American continent. We would be remiss if we didn’t express our profound gratitude for their support to all of our wonderful friends and collaborators, Canadian and Basque entities, and especially to the many of you who took a chance and signed up to be a part of our trip before we could say with complete certainty that our project would become a reality.


The trip nears. In subsequent newsletters we will bring more reports about our ship “The Ocean Endeavour” and the many activities and destinations which will fill our expedition. What receptions await us at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Basque Whaling Station at Red Bay? What engagement will we have with the Basque community in St Pierre and Miquelon? What are the Menus that the Basque Culinary Center will prepare for us on our trip? Stay tuned, we will talk about these things and much more in the coming months.

Until then, we want to encourage those less familiar with our expedition to take a look at our brochure booklet and our previous newsletters.




For those interested in signing up today please look at our Registration Form.

Again, thank you so much for your support and interest and we’ll be in contact next month! Don’t hesitate to write us before then if you have any questions or comments!

Ondo izan,


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