October 29th, 2016

Delegation from Placentia, NL Visits Plentzia in Bizkaia.

Delegation from Placentia, Newfoundland Visits Plentzia in Bizkaia to begin Process of Town Twinning

Mayor Wayne Power and Councillor Noella Collins of Placentia, Newfoundland are presented with a makila by Mayor David Crestelo on the steps of Town Hall in Plentzia. Picture L. Jauregialtzo
Mayor Wayne Power and Councillor Noella Collins of Placentia, Newfoundland visited the town of Plentzia, Bizkaia in the Basque Country with the goal of strengthening ties between the municipalities and hammering out the details of a future town twinning agreement. Mayor Crestelo had written a letter this summer inviting them to visit. The visit was a result of years of work and contact between the municipalities and especially by the historian Sabino Laucirica of Plentzia who was awarded the Placentia Area Historical Society Heritage Award last year for promoting the connection between Plentzia and Placentia in his work.
                The visit took place from the 13th to the 17th of October and the delegation from Placentia participated in a public ceremony on the front steps of town hall where they were presented with a Makila (A Basque walking staff, traditionally a symbol of authority) by mayor Crestelo.  Watch a video of the ceremony here.
Afterwards there was a public roundtable discussion held inside town hall that included both mayors and councillor Collins, the historian Sabino Laucirica and Aimar Arizmendi, one of the organizers of the expedition “In the Footsteps of Basque Whalers” The delegation were also welcomed during their stay by representatives of the provincial government of Bizkaia and of the government of the Basque Country at the Palacio de la Diputación in Bilbao where a meeting was later conducted between all authorities present.
Leyre Madariaga, Director of Foreign Affairs of the Basque Government and Ibone Bengoetxea, Deputy of Provincial Public Administration and Institutional Relations for the Government of Bizkaia welcome representatives of Placentia and Plentzia
               As you know if you read our newsletter regularly, the connection between Placentia and Plentzia is something we have given coverage to in the past. Placentia is one of the stops on our expedition and the town twinning will culminate and become official with a celebration in Placentia coinciding with our stop there.

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