December 10th, 2015

Basque Culinary Center



A few weeks back, in November, we sat down at The Basque Culinary Center with their General Manager Joxe Mari Aizega to begin planning and collaborating on our project “In the Footsteps of Basque Whalers” for 2017.

The Basque culinary Center is the premier gastronomic university in Europe, located in San Sebastian; it will be one of our most important partners on this voyage. In subsequent newsletters we will detail how our culinary plan develops. What we can say for now is that, under the supervision and coordination of a world renowned center of gastronomic education and research like The Basque Culinary Center, we will have a unique opportunity to dine with one of the finest institutions in the field. For more information on The Basque Culinary Center click Here.

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