February 24th, 2017

Astarbe Sagardotegia

Our collaborators at Astarbe Sagadotegia are preparing something big. The cider house which is right smack in the middle of its Txotx! Season is converting its dining room and cider house into a hub of information about our expedition, Newfoundland, and the tradition of Basque whaling. It’s to be expected from a place that has been producing cider for over 450 years, been run by the same family for 15 generations, and whose oldest legal document dates back to 1563, the apotheosis of Basque whaling activity in Canada. Cider, of course, being an indispensable provision for the sailors and whale-hunters of the period. We want to encourage anyone who is interested in having one of the best meals of their life to visit Astarbe and check out what they’ve put together.


Camino de Txoritokieta, 13,
20115 Astigarraga, Gipuzkoa.
There is one detail we would like to mention. The muselet or seal of the bottles of champagnois style cider Byhur produced by Astarbe will have a special design on them this year: A map of Newfoundland, the words Basque Whalers Expedition with the years 1563 – 2017. The first year references the oldest known document referencing the cider house in their possession. 1563 is also a year when it would have been extremely probable that Astarbe and most, if not all cider houses in the Basque Country would have sold cider to sailors and whalers to take with them to Canada.  2017 marks the year when Astarbe cider will definitely be making a return to the Canadian coasts. We couldn’t be anymore thrilled by this news, by the commemorative edition of the Byhur cider and by all the other efforts by our friends to incorporate this important piece of Basque culture into their day-to-day operations.

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