Expedition June 14th – 22nd 2017


In the 16th Century, from a small point on the European map, a few intrepid entrepreneurs bravely crossed the Atlantic using only the most primitive means. Through this extraordinary feat they managed to extend – very successfully- the extremely dangerous activity of whale hunting, a practice in which they were already renowned experts. In this way they transformed their land into one of the most prosperous areas of Europe. 500 years later we will repay the debt that history owes them. Breaking the barriers of space and time we will embark on a new and unique voyage to the heart of our brave forbearers epic journey and explore their legacy. This exclusive expedition is the first ever voyage open to the public to follow “In the Footsteps of Basque Whalers.”


With this expedition we will open a new and unprecedented cultural route that commemorates the history of Basque whalers is Newfoundland and Labrador. As we live in the 21st century and not the 16th our expedition will take place aboard the ship Ocean Endeavour, an experienced and appropriate vessel for this type of voyage. We have prepared an extensive program that combines adventure and history with the natural beauty of one of the most pristine landscapes on earth, the Atlantic Coast of Canada. With high rubber boots and riding on Zodiacs we will immerse ourselves in this history and landscape. Our expedition will be led by a group of recognized experts on the topic who will introduce us to the history and the places where five centuries ago these mariners created the first large scale industry in the new world.


Our expedition will include a complete cultural program with symposiums and screenings led by our group of experts. There will also be a consultation zone aboard – an area that will combine an exhibit on Basque Whalers with a small library related to the topic. Now, our trip won’t be entirely academic either. The Ocean Endeavour boasts three bar-lounges where there will be live music and dancing every night. Also worth noting is our gastronomic plan. A Basque cultural route would not be complete without good eating. We have contracted a team of chefs from the Basque Country that will offer up a menu of traditional Basque food full of products from the Basque Country every day.

We hope this project can function annually and perpetually, thereby establishing a permanent tie between two distinct but related cultures, between the past and the present. We have planned a reception ceremony with the local authorities in Red Bay as well as other symbolic acts along the way to celebrate our shared heritage and renew the cultural bonds that should never have been lost. Every traveler can choose to take part in documentary work to be published that will be generated throughout the trip. Every passenger also will receive a personalized and commemorative diploma accrediting their participation in this unforgettable, inaugural expedition “In The Footsteps of Basque Whalers in Newfoundland and Labrador”.

In collaboration with our special guests

“In The Footsteps of Basque Whalers” This expedition is a unique and exceptional experience at the confluence of adventure, history and science.

Four decades ago in Red Bay, the Canadian Robert Grenier and the Basque Manu Izagirre developed methods of studying subaquatic archeological in those cold waters that allowed to extract and study the remains of the Nao San Juan sunk in 1565 that have become the international standard for scientific research. This discovery, and their work, provided important evidence related to historical Basque culture and some of the earliest history of Europeans in the Americas. Both Mr. Grenier and Mr. Izagirre will be sharing their experiences and expertise with us throughout this expedition.

Latonia Hartery PhD. will be there to help us understand the historical contact shared by several cultures including the Basque in the area.

This expedition will be accompanied by a scientific work that will be developed with the collaboration of the Aranzadi Society of the Sciences.

Dra. Latonia